Wednesday, April 16, 2014

She Is

Dear Mrs. Foxy...

You are mine and there is nothing that people can do about it.
Thank you for being my friend and being my one.

I Love You

My Love 4 Her
Ralph Aldridge

Friday, January 24, 2014

Valentines Tip #005 - Just Because

Valentines Tip #005 – Just Because


Now somewhere in the mist of all these up and coming days.  You have to do something prior to Valentine’s day, so you don’t look like, Valentine’s Day made you do it.


Now think of something that you can do for that lovely wife or girlfriend.  Remember time for Valentine’s Day will come fast.  Things are locking up fast and the prices for things are going up just as fast.    Plan something that you can  do just for her and you are not seeking the reward.  You are going for the love you have in your heart and you are placing it all over hers.  You can do a lot of stuff.  This could be a great time to take a quick road trip somewhere, an over nighters to a small or adjacent town.  Get the kids an all-night baby sitter.  There are enough responsible young adults that will do this kind of stuff because they desire the money.  Now back to our regular scheduled program.


Reserve a room in the adjacent town.  Go to dinner. Find out who her favorite musician / artist is and see where they are coming or going in your 4 start region.  Go hear them.    Think about some of the places she wants to go.  Pick on.  Go for it. 


If you want to keep it local.  The night prior clean the house and make a dinner reservation for the next day!  Take her car and get it cleaned from top to bottom and fill up the gas tank.  While you are waiting for the car to finish. Make her an appointment at her favorotie place to get her nails and toes done.  While she’s doing that.  Think of a place where she has a favorite peice of clothing or shoe.  Take her to the store, ask the retail cleaks that you need there attention.  Ask her to find what she wants, not what she needs.  She feels a lot different between the two.    Let her play dress up or try on.  Let her pick out two items.  Once she has picked them out, and getting dress.  Take those items to the register and pay for it out of your own money.  Take the boxes and proceed to dinner that you have already made a reservation for.   After dinner take her home to that clean house that you got up and took care of.


When you get her home.  Take her stuff to her closet, drop it off and walk off; after she thinks about her amazing day with her man.  She will come looking for you.  If she ask why you did it, tell her you are my wife, my girl is there anything wrong with that.  Then tell her I have to go get some rest, thre is a Word of God you need to hear the next day, walk off and go to sleep.  You have deserved it…


Men, lets treat them like they want to be treated!

My Love 4 Her


Friday, January 3, 2014

Repairs - She is not broke.

Mrs. Foxy


There are things that I am learning about you each and every day.  What I have learned over the years that you are not broke nor need any fixing.  God did not get me a project tinker with.  He game something that I am to improve and pour into.


I know you’re the best right now were you are.  I can appreciate it more and more.


I love you.

My Love 4 Her

Mr. Aldridge