Friday, December 6, 2013

Last Night

Last Night I could not sleep.  I flipped and tossed and the only thing I could find myself playing with was my mind.  It was restless and I could not get any sleep.  

Last night, when I allowed my self to not be consumed about what someone else was not doing, it freed my mind instantly to dream and create.  I was up for 2 plus hours, in bed for 5, but it feels like i was there for 8.

Ralph Aldridge

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I am really realizing that sometimes you can keep swinging, giving, trying and helping.  But if that other person is not in the gear of receiving.  All of it can be pushed away. 

Today I am encourage that there is a road to travel, but it wont a long one.  I am encourage today to keep pushing and pressing.  They will appreciate me in the end for all that is been done.

So regardless of how many time they say you aint this or that.  Its ok.  The crowd declared Christ was not a lot of stuff, but he keep on pushing and pressing.  In the end the crowd turned around and said I love you for all you have done.

The bridges we have to cross to achieve love on the other side.  I am here for a reason.  I have accepted my calling to be that one that will minister to my wife.  Right now we are in the ring to fight for the same goal, not against one another.

Ralph Aldridge