Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hey Baby

Dear Mrs. Foxy


Hey baby, I pray your days are coming along well.  Over the last week, we have discovered a lot.  I have also had a chance to listen to some people and gain some incite that I now take in as wisdom to love, life and etc.   People who just open there mouth and not realize that I am listening and taking notes too.


Here are some things that I personally have learned about really, change up and a different place.


A.      Really – That word has gained a negative connotation in society.  Research shows the word is suppose to be used to emphasize positive thoughts and reactions.  Not as a disclaimer to a positive action or thought shared with someone.  The root to the word really is real.  Real means Genuine.  Once you apply the l and y, you now add fake or disbelief.  When I share and tell you that you are “beautiful” and your response is, “really!”  It use to catch me off guard.  When I call you pretty or some other word of endearment I would except you to say thank you, I love you or etc.  Well I was not getting it at first nor as I thought I would.  I realized that somewhere in the mist of life someone may have called or done something that does not line up with the vows that we took for each other and all God created you to be.   Rather they called you ugly, something hatful, or just bad taste.  It’s caused you to build walls of protection up around your heart so that you could keep yourself from getting hurt which keeps you from being emotional about it, attached or from reacting to those bad thoughts, memories and actions.  Now here’s what’s describes it best.  Each time I tell you that “I love you” and you respond “really.”  Here’s what’s “really” taking place.  That wall of ugly, hate, shame and more that was once up is working its way down, brick by brick and one at a time.  The “real” aspect of it is, that you are starting to see the sun come through the cracks of those walls of hurt, pain and feel the sunshine of God on that precious and loving heart of yours and cute and adorable cheeks.  You are starting to feel all the hope and let loose the pain that has accrued.  Regardless if past, present or future.  Pain is pain. With love pain will not exist.  Each time I say “I love you”, “I honor you”, “I praise you”, “I appreciate you”, “I adore you”, “You are the best”, “you have the best”, “you are the greatest”, “you are the smartest”, “you are the loyalist”, “you are the best and sexiest of all time.”  Each of those are my sledge hammer of love knocking down the walls that have been protecting your loving, warm, passionate, loyal and giving heart.  From doing what is called to do, that is to be pure and love.  So from now on when I hear "really” I won’t get made nor bent out of shape, I will know and understand that I am almost there and you are almost set free.  When you reach that threshold and those walls grumbles down, I will be right there because from that day forward “really” will cease to exist because you will know that I am giving you is genuine and pure from the bottom of my heart.  Took me some time to figure out, but “really” – has been decoded.  I am working on “real.”


B.      Prayers - Today they have changed for you.  They are being more aligned with what’s going on our lives, not just yours or mines.  Time for these prayers to be lined up with all the riches and glories he has for you and I.  If I got it, so do you.  If you got it I will to.  So getting it alone does not exist. 


I as your husband has the responsibility to take some of your burdens and either bare them or hand them over and into the hands of Christ and God.  It is time for my prayer life to increase about our lives together.  No longer will my payers be solo.  They shall be about us and our growth in all ways.  It is as some old folks say, lay some timber up to the Lord.  Some wood for that fire of love that shall keep burning for the Lord.  What he has put together no man shall never burn apart.  It is time to refocus and hit some things like it is the first time.  Prayer, Faith, Love, Fasting; those things that this marriage was created on.  Don’t get me wrong, there are times when you might be called to pray for yourself, go for it.  As some say can’t knock the hustle.  As I grow in the Lord.  I know He no longer looks at me as a single man.  He no longer sees you as a single women.  When God sees me, he sees you too.  When he sees you, he sees me to. So we are seen as one.  So when my prayers about us come forth, they will be prayers of one. 


C.      Different Place – Right now I am sharing with you a few things that are brewing in my spirit.  I have to share.  If you see different, it is because I am coming from a different place.  The word that I am reading is in the John has shown me some things about us.   The crowd verses Jesus and there disbelief and appreciation for each other.  Jesus wasted so much time trying to prove himself to the crowd.  Causing the crowd to miss out on such greatness.  The crowd focused and held on to old school teachings of Moses and Abraham, when they had greatness right there in found of them.  If the crowd would have gotten themselves some education and learn to read and write for themselves, they would be able to read the word and know Christ does exist, that He is real and let go so they could have helped Christ.  Just imagine if Jesus did not have to keep proving himself to them, he could have enjoyed and helped them so much more.  They would have became one.  They could have helped out so many more.  If the crowd would have worked with Christ.  That part of John would have been so different.  So the more I think about it, the more I sit and wonder what if they were able to just sit back and enjoy each other, working with each other.  The GREATNESS that would have came out of that!  For our marriage will learn to be acceptable of the word that you give me and I for you.  That the Christ desires that we work together in one body of Christ.  So in this different place I am moving into could cause some knee jerk reactions.  My prayers are that it is all according to His will and not my own.  So for our marriage I am purging, fasting and in prayer.


Baby you are my love each and every day.


I Love You

My Love 4 Her

Mr. Smitherman


Friday, September 6, 2013

The Best

Mrs. Foxy...

I am truly starting to just enjoy the essence of who you are and who's you are.  The way you are is so great.  So wonderful!!  Some times people talk about reincarnation.  If that is true, in our next life, can I have you all over again. 

My Love 4 Her
Ralph Aldridge