Sunday, May 27, 2012

The best in my life..

Mrs. Foxy...
I can tell that things are growing.  Out communication slash conversation makes the highlights of my day.  I want to say thank you.  As I am up early and you are resting.  I just feel the love for you inside of me.  Things are very nice, I enjoy talking to you and just being your friend.
Here in Chattanooga, we had a chance to eat dinner at a local resturant on Warehouse row.  I really enjoy it when I get a chance to tell people about my love for you.  I told her that my love for you was different and how I enjoy taking care of you.  The one thing I did not get a chance to tell her was.  You prayed for what you desired, and how in turn it came though me.  I am greatful for it.  The expereince has been wonderful.  I would not trade it for the world or any amount of money. 
Well I am grateful for you my love.
My Love 4 You!!!
Mr. Smiterman

Monday, May 14, 2012


My Love...

I am going to start pouring some specifice words at you that describe you.  I know it might be hard for you to see them.  And that is fine.  I want you to know they are there. So now you will claim them.  Now here is how this works.  When I give you the word.  You are to look in the mirror.  And say the following.  "I am ______."  From that point on, God is going to show you why you are "_______ ." You will start to see, since and feel it within your spirit.  The holy spirit will start directing you and show you how it applies in your life and use it accordingly.  This all comes into play when someone is pouring into you.  You will from that point on spiritually start to receive it right there.  No longer will you  not take and receive the things people are pouring into you spiritually.  This will build you mentally as well and mind the cracks that have been placed into your life.  When we got married some things came with you and we are going to let them go.  It starts here. 

So I ask that you accept this.  I ask you apply this.  I am your husband and I am here for you.  I am giving you my best spiritually.  And if I will stretch out and go out and minister to others.  Guess what, I will always minister to you first.  Build you, even the more.

The first on is on its way.

My Love 4 Her
Mr. Smitherman

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Mrs. Foxy…


You are the most beautiful thing in the world.  It amazes me how no other women of the world has that natural thing like you.  That skin complexion.  That smile.  That cute little button noise that tells me I love you when I touch it.  That passion of your heart and so much more.

You are the best.  You are the only.  You are it. 


I Love you so much.

My Love 4 Her

Mr. Smitherman