Saturday, March 31, 2012

I have been Jacked!!!

Mrs. Foxy

I see it is absolutely nice to see my wonderful wife wearing my tee-shirt.   She did not want to mess her up while relaxing around the house.  So she took mines.  I am not sure if this is the first, but from this point view, it sure looks like it.  I am so hooked on the appearance of my wife, she makes the smallest things look just amazing.  She has the prettiest smile.  The best walk and talk.  Wow, my wife is just amazing.

O yea, I have been Jacked!!!
My Love 4 Her

Mr. Smitherman

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I arose...

Mrs. Foxy...

This morning I woke up preaching to you sharing the gospel with you.  Though you was sleep the word was flowing.  I was preaching like I have been there before.  There was a text, intro, main body and the outro with the climax taking it to the cross.  With the blood being placed over our marriage and our lives. 

Through it all it was God telling you to don't worry.  Do not fret.  He has you right where you wants you.  You are now open so that he can pour some things in you so that His will for your life shall be on its way.  Right now he wants the sensitivity of your spirit to come alive.  And be attentive to it.  And do what it says.  Obedience is greater than sacrafice.  The king of kings and lord of lords is the GREATEST OF ALL TIME.

Today is a day like no other.  There is nothing that is a need, because he supplies them all.  And with humility in our life he gives us those things we want because we are not big headed about it.  

O it feels so good to wake up in the morning and pray to God.  To pray over you and for you when you don't feel like praying yourself.  God has giving me the power and dominion to place things in order.  That cause overflow to take care of anyone that is in reach of me.  So since you walk with me and I walk with you we are not going to drown in it.  We are going to just share it with the world.  Spreading it to all nations.  Swim as far as our spiritual eyes can see.

Our trips we are going to reach nations.  We are going to reach the valleys and the mountain tops.

O LORD we honer you and praise you for you are and what you are in our lives!!!!

My Love 4 Her
Mr. Smitherman...

Friday, March 16, 2012


Mrs. Foxy...

I am amazed by the dialog and conversing we have had just this evening.  We have shared out thoughts about a lot of things.  Some very personal and some very relaxed.  Thank you for sharing.  I am enjoyed each and every part of it.

My Love 4 Her

Mr. Smitherman