Thursday, January 12, 2012


Mrs. Foxy...

There is always time.  Time to feel hurt that could involve some pain.  There is time for love, that brings joy and thrills that make our minds fold up like a square and twist like a rubik cube.  With it, there is a beginning and an end.  What matters is what is done in between time with it.  You can either waist it doing selfish acts or enjoy it with the one you love.  Time is one of those things that you never get back. It can not start over like rewind or reverse.  Time is now that you bring it the forefront and live in the moment.  

There is always time for things in life we chose to enjoy.  Time allows us to appreciate the moments that we can not get back.  Once they are gone they are gone.  The time is her to love you until you unfold and into my arms.

I love you time and time again.
My Love 4 Her

Mr. Smitherman