Monday, November 14, 2011


Mrs. Foxy

The sweetness of you is unreal.  How you walk, talk and sway.  You are unreal in my eyes.  Your love for me is right and real.  I appreciate it.  It feels nice.  It is feels the best.  Our love is growing one day at a time.  It feels good because we keep being honest out our days and our thoughts.  Communication is the one thing that is going to keep is right.  We may not know it all.  But we are at least talking about.  We are at least placing it out on the for front.  We are at least just going with it.  We are perfect, but not perfection.  Through Christ we can do all things.  He buildings us and leads us to take full strides in it all.

I am glad you are here for me.  I am excited that you are my partner.  You are my friend and I am her for you.

My Love 4 Her
I Love you

Mr. Smitherman

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Best

Mrs. Foxy

I have the best wife, women, girl that has been transformed into a women, lady, friend, partner and what ever else I can think of.
Thanks you for the first 4 years.  I look forward to 40 plus more more more!!!

My love 4 Her
Mr. Smitherman