Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Birthday - Day 1

Thursday: May 26th

This is your official introduction to your birthday.  A lot of things are lined up.  Some will bounce around just due to being flexible.  This night is one of them.  So we are going to build up off what you are already doing tonight.  What is one of your favorite things to do? S______G!!!

Yes we are going to make it happen.  You need a couple of cute little things to wear.  Now I know you have your eyes on some pieces possible.  We will meet at home and you can get whatever you need together.  From there we will take off at 5:45 PM.  We will grab us something to eat.  I will let you pick.  From there we will head to a location of your choice so that you can do what you have to do.  SHOP!!!.  If you decide you want to go to a different place to shop, please let the driver know as soon as possible. (West Cobb Avenue, Perimeter and more)

Now you’re already cuteness’ is required for some up and coming items.

Friday: May 27th

You will be required to dress it up just a bit.  Preferable a dress with shoes.  On this you can work with what you have or build of what you got.  You decide that.  On this day you will be required to take an early evening nape.  I will give you the details on the times tomorrow.

Saturday: May 28th

You are already ahead of the game on this one.  You got your shorts, now you just need the finishing touches.  So make sure you finish this off.  We will not be staying at the cook out long.  I would like to be home about 7:30 at the latest.  The next day might be draining, so we will need to get plenty of rest and some sleep.

Sunday: May 29th

We will be attending church.  We are going to do early service.  I will give you the details soon.

Monday: May 30th

We are leaving the house by 8:30, highway 75 SOUTH!!! You are going to experience something so different.  I will give you a clue.  “YKK”  That is all I can give ya.  I will give you another clue just a little while.

Tuesday: May 31st

You have class this night, so we will be taking the day off.

Wednesday: June 1

We will be taking this night off as well.  Just to relax and make sure we are ready for the climax.

Thursday: June 2

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Celebration starting at about 2:00pm
Well here is just some minor items for you to know about your days ahead.  Plan wisely.

I Love ya

Ask any questions you may.
Mr. Smitherman…

Thursday, May 19, 2011

You Are..

You are my sweet
You are my love.
You are my shine, I am your knight in armor.
You are the best.
There is nothing no better than me made just for you.
You are better than good and you are the best.
You are all mines, mine all mines.

You are... My Love

My Love 4 Her
Mr. Smitherman...

Thursday, May 12, 2011


I am passionate about who you are. 

What you stand for. 

How you think? 

How you feel. 

How you walk, talk and stand. 

I am passionate about your well being. 

I always want to make sure you are ok.


I am passionate about you.

You are my love.

My best friend.

I trust you.


My Love 4 Her

Mr. Smitherman