Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Casting your cares....

What are you to do when you have something you can’t handle.  The bible speaks about casting your cares onto the Lord.  Now in your life, God has placed some order in it.  So when you have something you can’t handle.  Bring it to me.  If we have something that I can’t handle.  I will cast it over to the Lord.  If I am not around.  Though your direct communication level with God, hand it over.  No need to wait, let me know what’s going on so we are spiritually not fighting the same battles.


Casting cares over opens up those levels of communication that is beyond service level.  It will teach us to reach new levels of the marriage.  You never know how God desires for us to grow.  He may desire our communication to get better, so life rolls something that we have to talk about.  The little things now prepare us for the direction he wants to take us in life.


God placed me in your life as the head of the household.  Now I don’t take that as a strong hold nor for granite. I will say that when you have something you need to unload give it to me.  If I can’t handle it I will hand it over to the Lord.  See this is also teaching you how to flex your muscles.  See lifting the right way you can bring that inner strength out of you.  Moving or shifting something improperly, can cause heartache and pain.  That has lots of repercussions.  Then you start to miss out on the things He really has for you, because now you are occupied in a direction he never meant for you to go.


Now if you give it to me.  Don’t mentally take it back.  Don’t allow it to start worrying you or what you are doing in your life.  We can’t be an “Indian giver.”  Our marriage is about building trust beyond the outer limits of the earth.  We are to walk this world free.  Free of worry, stress and pain.  He created us in his perfect image.  So He does not do it, why do we do it.  If there are any issues or conflicts with personal wounds.  It is time to hand them over. 


Being the man of God in your life is a great walk.  He gave me a little more that I shall handle than you.  Not to say either of us are strong or weak.  But in the order of this Word of God.  If you fall, you fall on me.  If we fall, it shall be into the hands of God.


My Love 4 Her

Mr. Smitherman



Thursday, March 24, 2011

Is Yes better than No?

I will admit I am not always ready.  See love is funny.  Not nothing to laugh at.  But on some days you just never know the direction it is going to come from.  Sometimes it comes from your family, friends or someone close to you.  You may be hit with a fist right in the gut.  While you are doubled over the family gives you that love you need that brings you right back up.  Standing tall in of all your internal and external pain.  Internally your stomach is sitting by your kidneys.  Externally you have tears falling.  Showing just how you feel.


Love makes you feel good. Period.  I personally don’t see how anyone could live if someone thing did not love them.  Sometimes you just have to take love at face value.  Some days love is pretty, sometimes it is the ugliest thing on earth.  Sometimes love tells you no.


Love is interesting.  See God created love.  So I will give credit to him any and every day.  I am learning to take the love God has for me at face value. 


Well you know what I have to take the love giving to me the exact same way.  All days God is on your side.  Regardless if you like it or not.  You enjoy His yeses and all the things it brings.  Now when he delivers you a person no or rejection.  You take it personal as if you have done something to do this.  It’s not the No’s that weaking you.  Gods no’s are actually better for you than the yes.  The no’s give you wisdom.  They give you strength to keep enduring the current situation you are in.  They give you stability.   So when that yes does come.  Take it to the next level, go and knock it out the box.  Stand in it and act like you are never going to get it again and this is the last time.  So you have to go out with a boom.  Get in that yes, and make it count.  The next no might now be what you expect.  It could be a whole lot more.


So now I have to place this same analogy of Gods Yes and No’s to my personal way of seeing love.  Wow it may seem like no is not to bad at all.  Tell me No again.  On the next yes, you might not say no no more.


My Love 4 Her

Mr. Smitherman

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Can I

Can I caress you?

Can I clutch you?

Can I fold you?

Can I grasp you?

Can I grip you in my arms?

Can I touch you?

Can I seize the moments with you?

Can I be honest with you?

OK here I go, I Love You!

My Love 4 Her

Mr. Smitherman

Monday, March 21, 2011

The More...

Dear My Love…


I am really starting to realize that the more and more I love on you.  The more and more people notice.  I don’t love on your for their attention.  I Love on you because God is love.  Though his Love, I love you.


There are times they look and speak as if I am doing something wrong. 

The more negative they speak, the more and more I know I am doing something right. 

I am starting to realize that they just don’t know how to give or receive love.  How is that?  They always got something crazy to say when they see love.

They have never had love delivered in a way that makes them feel as good as God desires them to feel.


My Love.

The more and more I love on you. 

The more I love you. 

The better my days are. 

The better I sleep at night.


Love can be applied in lots of ways. 

Rather it is doing something for you around the house. 

Out of the house. 

In the kitchen or out.

Or just though the day. 


See I am learning some things about love. 

Loving on someone is about making there day easier. 

Regardless if they see it or not. 

Or rather they say thank you or not. 

It is Love. 

Love is not always a touchy feely kind of thing.

Love floats though the wind of the earth.

Love lubricates the skin.

Love takes care of you even if you are standing all alone.


See God is Love. 

God’s Love never leaves alone. 

I don’t care how blank or empty you may feel.

God’s Love is real. 

God’s Love never goes away.


So the more I love you.

The more I know I love you.

I love you.  More and more, each and every day.


My Love 4 Her

Mr. Smitherman

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I watch...

I watch you do a lot.

I watch you work.
I watch you walk.
I watch you joke.
I watch you smile.
I watch you cry.
I watch you play.
I watch you laugh.
I watch you get pampered.
I watch you be all you can be.
I watch you watch you and you watch me.
I watch you our love grow into all the things God has for us.

My Love 4 Her
Mr. Smitherman

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Body Parts

There is something about you and the body parts you have and there relationship to me. 

My hand holds yours.
I stand on my two large feet to hold you up.
My large hands to your precious feet.
My eyes to always see you.
My neck turns my head just to get a glimpse of you as you walk past me.
My mind stays focused on you.  I get tired just thinking of you. Opps I just got us.
My blood runs rich for you.
My heart breats for you in all I do.

My body parts are in sinc with you.

My Love For You
Mr. Smitherman

Monday, March 14, 2011


"Favor is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised." Proverbs 31:30

My Love 4 Her
Mr. Smitherman

Saturday, March 12, 2011


If we never spoke.  I would still be in love with you.

My Love 4 Her

Mr. Smitherman

Friday, March 11, 2011

Love is

Love is a great thing.
Love is a peace of mind.
Love is about professing your love.
Love is all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Love is apologizing when you have done wrong.
Love is crying when you dont know how to express yourself.
Love is gentle.
Love is happiness.
Love is a hug when you feel all alone.
Love is indescribable when you in it with the right person.
Love is kind.
Love is moments in life that may cause you to cry.
Love is movements.
Love is saying I am sorry when you know you have done wrong.
Love is soft.
Love is that thing that will make you do something you have never done before.
Love is time.
Love is warm like a nice cup of tea on a cold night.
Love is words.
Love is worth fighting for.
Love is worth praying for, especially when you don't know the direction it is coming from.

Love is all those things and so much more.
Love is God.
God is Love.

My Love For Her
Mr. Smitherman...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Can I

Can I stand close to you.   Can I hold your left hand in my right.  Placing the left in the smote of your back.  I await your node that you are ready.  Once I hear it I feel it through you.  The sensation places the rhythm in our souls.  With us being close.  Me leading you and you guiding me. 

Tonight I would love to dance the night away.

My Love For Her

Mr. Smitherman

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


My Love

I will always appreciate all you do for me.  Rather it is big or small.  Short or long.  You are the best.  See I have learned to just appreciate what someone does despite what someone else may feel.   Loving someone starts from within the heart.  Love is a natural thing.  There is nothing made up about it.  Love takes on the world at face value.  It realizes that God created it all.  So I am grateful with all He presents.  He created you and all your splinder.  So who am I going to complain to, the maker.  See I am learning that if I see something wrong with you, there is really something wrong with me I need to deal with.  So my life, I am learning to just appreciate you, for who you are, right where you are.

I Love you for today and forever more...

Mr. Smitherman.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Mind

Dear Denise

You have managed to steal my mind though your presence is not around.  How do you think my mind is when you are not?  When I am not with you.  You mange to talk, strut and wink at me and even challenge my mind, though you are not around.  When I am with you, I can't control my self mentally.  The little things you do, just keep my mind going.  Rather you are just coming through the door.  Or just relaxing on the couch.  Though it all you are in my mind.  I want you to stay there.  I want you to relax and stay comfortable in it. You shall be there until, death due us part.

I just want you to be you.  And I will be me.
Mentally you capture me.

I Love Ya...