Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 764: I fight for you...

 You know what... Growing up as a young man, I was taught that old saying.  "I'm a lover, not a fighter."  I use to internally think about that and would be like.  I am a lover, not a fighter.  But as I get older. I have thought about that....  I now realize that I am a fighter for my love.  See i realize this world is something.  When someone realizes what you have, they want there hands on it.  They are trying to do what they can to get what you have.  So these are the times I have to fight for my love.  Time after time, and day after day. I have to pray, fight, for my love.  Give her a covering like no other.  I am fighting to let anyone know that my love for her did not come easy so I am going to fight and knock you out.  You are not going to just get what I got.  Why, it is mines and ordained by God.  And you wont just take it from me.

I am going to fight for your....


to be love


to be respected


to be honored


to be praised


to be glorified


because poor is not what our father in heaven has for us.


and for any and everything else I will have to fight for I will get my knuckles dirty for my love.  Now dont get it twisted.  I know the order for me life.  First it is the father, Son, holy spirit and my wife then family. Out side of that things come and go.  So at the end of the day.  God gets all the glory and praise.  So don't test me....

Denise i fight for you when I am with you and when you are not.  I have to fight for you when you are not around because people want to test is the love real or is it puppy love.  I fight to keep them in there place and make them know that my love for my wife is real.  I fight for you in public when i walk tall with the flowers, knowing they are coming home to you.  Someone will say something crazy about, are you in the dog house.  And every thing I have to tell them, I am fighting for my love and how I worship the ground, you walk on.

I fight for you when some check does not realize the band on my hand.  Though it symbolizes that our love is sealed.  They always look for some way to un wrap it.  But there is NEVER a way in, so I fight to keep everyone out.

I fight for you love in my prayers.  To keep you covered with the word of God.  I fight to deliver you a message from God so that you know he is real within me and that I am delivering a word for you.

I am going to keep fighting.  Our days are not numbered, so each day could be the last round for me.  So guess what I am not going out without a fight. So I don't care who the opponent is, bring them on.  I am going to fight for you...

I learned what God has giving me is worth fighting for.   I never would have thought that I was going to be a fighter.  Now I see I am a lover and a fighter.  So I am going to fight for you each and every day.

I Love you...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Date Nights

You know what, I am starting to realized something that I have missed all so long ago.  What is a date.  Well it can be something extravagant and grand, or it can be something simple.  Simple as the last few little dates my and my wife went out on.  The first one was a "tea date."  We drove around our area until we arrived at a local coffee shop.  She ordered white orange bloosm and i ordered caramel apple cider.  We had some of the nicest and smoothest conversation to exist all over hot glass of tea on a cold winter night.

The other date night came a few days later.  Though we had dinner plans with a friend leaving town.  We skipped there treat to go and have our "desert date."  After we left dinner we took a short drive over to our favorite restaurant and we were seated with no delay.  She had the cheese cake with caramel sauce and caramelized pecans.  I had the chocolate chip cake with the warm center, topped with ice cream.  We sat there and had a wonderful time...

We are focused on going on a date once a week, rather they are simple or grand.  I have to make sure I keep courting her, though she is my wife.  I do all I can to keep it going as though it is the first date.

It is wonderful to have that one who is my personal partner.  Through thick and then, my love is with me until death due us our end.

My love for her.....

Monday, November 16, 2009

My Love Four Her: Day 750: So...

My Love Four Her: Day 750: So...

Day 750: So...

She is so sweet
So kind
So truly divine.
She loving
She is kind.
I thank God, because she is all mines.
She warm.
She soft.
Shes good, i meant GREAT
She is fun, goofy and silly.
She is Smart, Cute and Sweet.
She is my pooper dooper, she is my scopper.
She makes me think.
She pushes me to be better.
She makes me strong.
She is my wife, she sees my week.
She does not make fun.
She does not give up.
She is my lover, I am her fighter.
We are in this to win it.
Until death due us part.
Who would have ever known.
That I would have her heart.
Thank you for being my friend.

My Love Four Her

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 749: Proud of Her...

I am so proud of her.  She is doing it.  My wife gives her all in to her business.  The Christmas holiday is coming up and she ramping up.  The sales of her candles are truly taking off.  This past weekend, the candles sold faster than they sat on the table.

I am so proud of her because she truly believes in her product and she is satisfied with the product she is producing.  You have to check it out.  Go to  She sell scented soy candles.  They have scriptures, a devotional and a complete breakdown.

My wife is truly pushing and pressing towards her mission and goal in life.  My love four her stretches so wide.  I want to see her success in all she does.

I believe in her dreams, her desires and aspirations.

My prayer for her today is to walk boldly in the Lord.  Lean unto no her own understanding.  Follow the Lord in all she does.

My Love Four Her


Testing Post to FaceBook...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 730: 2 Year Anniversary...

I just love it I tell you.  We have celebrated our two year wedding anniversary. 


Oct. 27, 2007…

For this was the day two years ago God presented me with a piece of coal and told me that when he comes to get her.  He expects to see her transformed into a beautiful diamond.  On that Day I told God, “I DO”, in front of family and friends.


That was a day that I will never forget.  I have plenty of people ask me, “Were you nervous?”  I tell them time and time again.   “No!” I was comfortable with who I was committing my life to and in front of so this was a day that I was there to take care of business. 


Now our wedding was a day to remember.  From those that were there, it was between my wife smiling big or me swaying and rocking back and forth that that sent a chuckle through the crowd.  I loved it all...  I would do it all over again if I had to.


Last Fast forward just a little bit…


Oct. 26, 2009…

I took some time out and put my mental to the day.  I love planning out events and affairs.  I love how all the details come to past.   We agreed we would keep this anniversary nice and simple.  So I complied.  I ordered a dozen pink roses that were delivered to the house.  I had to make sure she was going to be there.  She figured I ordered something from online so she did not question it.  Around 3:45 my phone started to ring off the hook, between the messages and the texts.  I knew she had them.  I did not want to answer because I wanted her to simmer just a little bit.  On my way home, I spoke to her and she mentioned to me she had a special delivery.  I was excited….


I got home and saw the flowers.  I was not pleased at all.  They sent some old flowers.  I know and I expect the best for my wife.  I immediately got on the phone, to leave a message with the florist. 



Oct. 27, 2009…



I had a long night working on a personal project.  I did not go the bed until 5:00 am.  I was sleep for maybe three hours before I got up on the phone taking care of the flowers.  As Denise prepared herself for the day, the flower came and she loved them.


That morning they were the first people I called and within the hour, the arrangement came, fixed, fresh and some pretty burnt orange roses.  And yes that was one of our wedding colors.  And they did not charge a dime.  I have come to realize, it is not how someone sells the product.  It is how they come to you and fix what ever goes wrong.  So from that, they have a customer for a lifetime with me.


We promised we would keep it simple.  What we knew we desired to focus on that day we to spend quality time together.  We went to “Thumps Up” for breakfast.  For those that know about them locally, it is some great breakfast.  it is VERY GOOD.  We had a nice time talking and looking into each other eyes.  The crazy thing about the whole day was it RAINED.  I wanted to after then take her back to the place it all jumped off.  It was a rose garden in Marietta Georgia.  I remember that one like it was yesterday.


I wanted to go there, profess my love in the place where it all started.  Since it was raining, we took a walk in a local mall.  We spent a couple more hours, looking in and out of store.  We did not purchase anything, but we did talk love.  It is the greatest language around.


After that we proceeded home.  And I tell you she sat on the big couch, stretched out and before you know it, we were both waking up talking about it is time for dinner.  It was great just to be there in the mist of her love.


We proceeded to dinner, Brios Tuscan Grill.  Our favorite Restaurant.   We were seated and went over the menu with our waiter.  He took great care of us.  Come to find out he wants to do missionary work once he graduates from school.  The degree he is about to receive has nothing to do with it.  Once again, God coming in and setting the record straight…


We sat there had a long dinner.  They gave us a glass of champagne and our deserts on the house.  Feels good when you feel at home, though you are away.


After that we went home and relaxed.  Taking time off to be with that special one.


Up next is her birthday and I am a planner.  So the planning started after her last birthday.  Watch out here I come.


My Love For Her

Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 740: Excitement...

I must say, I am truly excited.  I am a very simple person.  Over the years I have learned that I truly struggle with just allowing people to do things for me.  It is so hard.  I feel like I own them something.  I feel like I have to more or less get them back.  I am just as bad as a kid who just got hit by someone and they took off running.  Well guess what, I am on their heels.


So this is by birthday weekend.  The excitement has been building up for me for just a little while.  Maybe a week or so.    She has instructed the following things from me.  That today I will be picked up from work at 4:00 pm.  Tomorrow I have a barber appointment at 11:00 am.  And since she has to work, I so do much understand.  I need to be ready to go by 5:30 pm tomorrow.  So that is all I know.  My great friend Floyd is going to take me to lunch and we are both in to treating our selves better so we are going to walk the local mountain.  Get in some exercise.  So while my wife is working, I will be busy.  After I drop my wife off for work, I will go hit the gym, hopefully I can get in a couple of hours.  I will make the day about fitness. 


I missed out on some Football Tickets to the local GT Game.  I have been out of work for the last couple of days.  So when I came to work today, I noticed they have been taken.  That would have been fun while my wife was at work.


So right now it is almost lunch time.  I will be working until 4:00, after that it is on.  I am following the direction of my beautiful wife.  She has it all in control.  I don’t know what’s in store.  I just know I am really excited.  Why because she has taken our her personal time, mentally and so forth to put her energy towards me.  I love it feel wanted and needed and most of all appreciated.   Like I said before it is hard to receive because I feel like if there is something needed, you go get.  Something you want, let’s see how the dollar looks.  Not really wait until some holiday to express love or joy for someone.


O yea, she makes these beautiful candles and I get her to be her gene pig.  Making sure the smell and burn right.  Since I love candles, she made me one over the week.  I started burning it yesterday.  I love it.  I feel the personal love in it all.


Well I am out for the moment.  I am going to enjoy this day because it is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it. 


Well like I said before, payback is something.  I know in the bottom of my heart it is on when we get home…. Heck we are grown so you know the limits left once we said I do, 740 days ago….


My Love Four Her

Thursday, November 5, 2009


My wife has been so loving and caring since I have been under the weather.  I had to stay home for work for a couple of days.  she has been attentive to me and make me feel really good.  Even just calling me at home just to how I am doing and taking my medication.  Makes me feel very good.

Things like this just make my love for her grow even the more.  I am going to just lay it on her. Keep loving her and keep doing and giving her all the love I have in the world.  It is times like this when you see what someone is made of.   Each and every time I am in need she is my number one right there for me.

My Love Four Her...
I Love You!!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 735: PUSH(over)

You might be looking at the subject and wondering what in the world.  Or you might have figured it out.  Well I tell you. I am not going to leave you guessing so I am going to get right to the point of it all.

I believe in supporting my wife.  I believe in giving her all the tools and accessories she needs to achieve to the next level.  And guess what sometimes she does not get there on her own.  I have to push her.  No not in the since of laying hands on her. But push her physically, mentally, spiritually and all other ways are included.  I push her in a since that she will keep fighting to make her self better. I say keep because she wants better and just like any kid that gets on a swing, sometimes they get tired.  Sometimes they need just a little push to help them up in air.  Sometimes they just need a little push so that they can see just where they are going.  Some times they need just a little push so that they will see just a peak and what God has for them, when they look up, there back is to the ground and all they see is the skies.

Well now that I have made that point clear and you now understand the push.  Now I have to make you realize that the over part is not part of the equation.  All this has it proper timing and alignment in life.  All of this take a gentle touch.  See I am going to encourage her until she cant not take it no more.  I am going to push but not push her over.  See one of the worst things about support is being a push over.  In a since you are a bully and you do not know how to control yourself with being a leader or taking charge of a situation.  So with being a push over, you push, push and push, until you have no more and guess what know you are running her over.  Well that is not the way this is working.

Denise my love for you I'm going to keep pushing you but never being a push over.  I share with you all the time my thoughts and ideas and inspire you to keep going.  I am going to keep my feet on the ground and just keep pushing you so that you see the skies is the limit and we are together so I am on the ground, and that is being grounded in the Word of God.

God is going to keep showing me so that I can show you.  He is  leading me so we can walk through and though.  God is showing me how to push you without pushing you over.  God is going to keep showing me how be true and true, that was just one of my assignments once I said I do...

Lets lets keep pushing each other.  We are going to do it all, heck we will scrap our knees from time to time, but since we have our eyes on the prize we will keep looking up.  Reaching for all he has for us.

This is My Love For Her....