Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day: 734

Dear Denise…

As deeps as your love is within, deeper is the love I have for you.  Your love glistens and shine, while the Holy Spirit covers your ever move and shines.  Your twinklie smile and round cheek balls and puffy eyes are the specialties of your beautiful face.  The skin you are within is soft, warm, smooth, firm and God Placed You on this Earth for me, So I am going to do what I have to do  And that is just to love you...

I love you…

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Prayers...

Our Father who are in Heaven…..

Father I ask you forgive any of my sins.  Those of omission and those of commission.  Father I thank you for Christ dying on the cross for all our sins. 

Father I come to you today for covering of my wife.  Father please protect her.  Comfort her.  Father he there for her.  Father on his day she shall see your hand move in a way that bring peace and joy to her heart.

Father right now in the name of Jesus I declare victory over anything that wants come against us.

Father I appreciate you love.  I appreciate you and all you have done for us.  If you do not do anything else for us. Thank you.

And most of all thank you for the greatest gift of them all, Love…

In Jesus Name - Aman

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Women's Day

You know what it is powerful to see women of God take advantage of there moments in life.  Especially this one that was here today.  It was women's day today at our church.  Now were were in there for a little while and I did not have to teach sunday school, because first service ran over but hey.... When the word is coming, get in the way and catch all you can.  This visiting ministor took some time out and prayed for husbands and wifes.  In that intimate moment we payed for our wife.  I spoke life and patient into my wife. See there are times when she is on go, but I just reminded her.  We have to stay at Gods pace.  We dont want to go before Him.  The word say he has prepared a place already.  So if he has prepared it.  Why not let him lead us right to it.

I also had a chance with other to watch my wife minister the Word of God, through dance.  She moves as soft and swift as an angle moves in and through and through.  It is amazing just to see how she is able to just go in and out of it all.  Lifting and kicking, and never missing a beat.  From a far, it is like God is holding the strings and she is just following his lead.  I sit that just in ow and all he is doing though her.  The excitement really came when after she finished.  The presence of God was not.  God stayed on her for quite some time.  Once he released her, he just softly let her go, right in to my arms.  I sat there, and I just wiped her tears.  Massaged her back and just allow her to stay right where she was.  To be able to be supportive in all her ways.

After all that and we sat back down.  My lovely wife was pooped.  We sat down and listened to some word. It was good just to be taught a word for RIGHT NOW.  I enjoy preachers, but I love a teacher.  Makes me feel like I am class.

My Love Four Her....

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Feel Good...

Today has been a great day all in the name of Love.  Love being the greatest gift of them all.  I do what can to show my love for my wife regardless to where we are and who we are with.  It just doned on me today that people took notice to us.  It is interesting...

It feels good to know it is all done though the eyes of God.

My Love Four Her...

Day in, Day Out....

Day in and Day out. I have love for her.  there is nothing in the world that I would not do for her.  She is the skin I am within.  She is my everything.

See I believe I see love a lot different than most.  Love to me means, give it your all.  And when you don't have not more, keep giving it your all.  Love does not quite, it does not retire.  It does not get old.  It just keeps going going.  It keeps going and going and going.  

Love to me feels good and fresh and the morning dew.  It takes control of week situations and makes them strong.  Love is a way of telling someone you will take care of them, though they are not hurt.

Love makes you just feel flat out good about who you are in love with.  Love is love, love is warm on a cold night. Love is warm and soft.  Warm is gentle.  Warm is any and everything you can possible image.

When I fell in love with her I knew it.  I was shocked and amazed when it all unfolded.  I never ran from it. I professed my love.  I had to wait. So in turn, I had to get some patience. 

And you know what, just when I felt like it was no good.  Boy I tell you, she was right there. Talking to me in the church parking lot.  While I sat on the Sunflower bucket.  

Though we did not talk long.  I know right then and there.  I was in love like I thought.  I knew she was the one.  And just a few weeks after that, we talked on the phone all night long.  While we text cute little messages to each other.

Love is a great thing.  My Love I have for her is even better....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ashing Them Up!!!

Each and every day I have to do it.  There is not a day on this earth that I can get through without it.  Sometimes it is four and five times a day.  Rather it is formal or not I am going to do it.  I know and feel in my heart that when I am giving that poke to get up in the morning.  He has granted me another day so that I may do what he has called me to do.  Some feel like an alarm wakes them up.  In the reality of it all he get to you first.  The alarm is just the assurance that you can rise for that day.


As I get out the bed, I go to her side of the bed.  Where she is still resting and finishing off her good sleep through the night.   I take the first few minutes of each and every day to get up and go over to hear and pray as she sleeps.  I thank God for waking me up and putting me on my way.  I then thank him for my wife.  Allowing her to see another day.  I further thank Him for keeping us safe though the night.  This first prayer of the day is important.  I am praying for my wife.  Her covering throughout the day.  Her safety.  Her security.  Her emotions.  Her mental needs and as well as her physically needs.  Dog-Gone-It I am praying for anything at that moment that shall fulfill her daily needs.


So each and every day, I will get the knees ashy just so I can pray.


My Love Four Her (Each and Every Day)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What you really use them for....

I tell you office supplies is something like no other.  It’s the one thing of the office that if you find your hands on it. You claim it.  Come lets act like you have never saw a pen or pencil that you just wanted to test drive.  So you claimed it. 


Someone has just left the office on starting a new career path.  They have not even hit the elevator doors as you are saying good bye.  You have robbed them blind.  Mentally you have raided there desk and physically you are walking your way to it. 


As you look through there junk that they left behind.  You are looking for that one thing that will now become part of your collection.  I tell you I have done it once, and I will do it twice.  There is something in everyone desk that I will never look at the same. 


I have placed them everywhere.  In the shower, on the pillow, on the desk, on the floor so they follow your direction.  You can put them in the bathroom on the toilet seats.  You can put them anywhere.  With them they send the right communication each and every time.  You can just say what you want to.  I thought they were only used in one way, but through loved I have discovered another. I tell  you my wife loves them and so do I.  She uses them for the smallest things.


I have learned to use them for love.  The standard is a yield sign yellow.  They now come in any and every color under the rainbow…  My wife just loves them. When her stash of them is getting low.  She gives me a settle reminder that she needs more.  I tend to find the ones that are just as silly as she is.  She has a drawer full of them.  She even keeps them in her purse.


Well let me move on and share with you what I use them for.  I place them everywhere just to show her I was thinking about her.  I have placed them in all those places I just shared with you and more than that.  I place them EVERYWHERE….  They are perfect.


What are they..

They are Post-It’s!!!

Perfect to Send all those communications of Love….


My Love Four Her!!!!



Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Candles that Spreads the Gospel...

It is something.  I have had a wonderful weekend with my wife.  She was a vendor at an event this past weekend at a church in Alpharetta.  Very nice place, I look forward to us going back out there just to drive around a little bit.  We had a wonderful time.  So much time to sit and spend quality time together though we are there for her business.  I sit there and I listen to her sell her product, so that in turn. I can sell it the way she would have me too. 


You have to see it to believe it.  Go to .  She has scented soy candles that are interlaced with the Word of God.  There is nothing out there on the market that will compare to what she has to offer.


I have seen her go through a lot.  I have come home to see her crying because she did not know the direction to go. I have seen her frustrated because the candles wax did not dry right.  I have seen her loose her inspiration and joy because things where not going the way she so desired. Now on the flip end of all that.  I have seen her fast.  I have seen her pray.  I have seen her give up her praise. To a point now…


Well I will be the first to tell you.  All that she has gone through is beginning to pay off.  She has events just about lined up for the rest of the year.  She is starting to line up her event for next year, 2010.  Before you know it she will be booked for 2011.  It is great to see that it is all coming clear.  She is focused now more than ever and I will confirm what someone told her today.  Everything that she touches will turn to Gold.  It is her season.  I am glad that I am able to see it all start to come to past….


My Love Four Her…

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I can be honest and tell you that one of the greatest thing right next to love is support.  Being able to support someone in all their dreams and desires makes being in love feel so good.  Could you image being in love, but yet that person, did not help you.  They did not walk with you.  They did not wipe your tears when you cried.  They did not support your dreams and be just as excited as you are.

Now picture this.

That the one you love, loves you more than you love yourself.  Each and every day I think about how I love the way I do. The love I have for her far surpass then just a little bit, and I will say, it is possible more than a lot.  I will share with you this, my love for her is real. It is genuine.  My love for her is about supporting all her dreams.  Even the ones that don't include me.  They are hers and they are mines.  So through it all, they all intertwine.  I love her so true and so divine.  I am supporting and holding her up, just as the bra does on a bad day.

My Love Four Her...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ready... Set... Go!!!!

Today has been a very special day.  My wife has been on a journey for just about 2 years and she has finally sit the mark.  She has just been licensed to peace the Gospel at PGMBC.  This is something that is like no other.  It is official there is a preacher in our house.  Now when i listen to ministers they tend to fall into a couple categories.  Preacher or Teacher, and my wife is a teacher.  I can see it and I see where she is going. I just cant wait until we get there.  I tell you, it is something powerful.  I am staying on my knees for my wife.  Praying for her each and every day.  I am just so thankful for my wife, her journey and her mission in life. 

My Love Four Her....

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I have enjoyed this day.  I am really at awwww at the beauty she holds.  A lot of times she tells me all about her imperfections.  Rather it is this or that, she will run a list down of them all and tell me why.  Me I never see any of them.  What I see is just a piece of Gods awesome work.  I look at her each and everyday and I tell God how grateful I am for who she is and what she is for me.  I appreciate all the things that she does for me.  I have learned to appreciate all the little things in life.  I appreciate all the things she does for me, even the stuff I don't see and even the stuff she does not do.  I am learning it is all just right for me. 

She makes me smile, she makes me smirk.  She gives me that dimple in my cheeks though I don't have them at all.

I tell you life is great.  Just because she is the love of my life.  What God has ordained, may no man take under.

She is the love of my life. 

My Love Four Her

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Today was a lovely day... I finally got a chance to set up this blog.  This is my first post for the world to see outside of what I have journalized, did i just make that word up.  I will make sure I put those on there to.  Tonight my mind and heart is really in thought about our 2nd year wedding anniversary coming up soon.  My heart is going to make it nice and sweet.  What am I going to do, well I will share that with you as the day comes to a close.  Whats running through my head right now.  Well I will tell you this, a little flowers, breakfast, dinner, romance in the sweetest way.  I am making my list.  I am learning that your planning has to improve.  So if it is a weakness, then starting small is a great way to plan for that special day.  Rather it is just any old day or a special occasion.

My heart goes out to my special and lovely wife on this day.  She is preparing for her licensing serman, friends and family coming into town and her business taking off.   So I am praying for her at all times.  Just to make sure she is ok, that keeps balance in her life.  That she just does what the will of God has for her to do.

I love her...

My Love Four Her....


This Blog is about my love four her. The way I love her, the way I feel for her, the way that I just flat out let her know I love her from the bottom of my heart. This blog is about me just sharing with the world how I feel about my lovely wife. On this I am just taking the time to just be real and love her with all I got. I only get one chance. You never know when the last day is so I give each day all I got.  I am going to do all I can to make sure I do it right. This blog is to help and encourage all those that just need just a little bit of hope. This is just to let the world know love is real and that it is all about showing it. Love is about action.

Regardless if you are showing your wife or husband love, I will be honest and tell you this. We all want to feel love... Big or small love, pleases us all...

Please feel free to ask all the questions you have. Anything from how to come up with ideas for those special days. Or just for the heck of it. Flowers on days that just say hey, you walked through my head today, so I wanted to make sure I gave this to you.

This is...

My Love Four Her.......